Metal Tile Edging

The edges of tiles have always been an issue for tile layers and inhabitants of a home as it poses certain threats. The edges of the tiles are usually sharp and therefore are a potential hazard to people, especially children. Rounding off tile edges is not an easy task, as it will have a negative impact on the beauty of the wall or tile. By using aluminium tile edging, this issue can be easily sorted out. Aluminium tile edging that are of high quality and finish, like those made by Orego Metal Co. will add protection to the edges while giving it a good finish. There are varieties of aluminium tile edging available in the market, thanks to the efforts of companies like Orego Metal Co.

By using metal edge trim, the edges of the tiles can be aligned properly. The tile edges are usually sharp and brittle and it can be damaged or can cause injury easily. Therefore, most interior designers are now opting for metal edging trim to help solve these issues of safety and damage. Orego Metal Co. is a renowned manufacturer of aluminium products and is popular for the various types of metal edge trim that they manufacture. Metal edge trim can be used to line the tile edges or to cover the sharp edges of tiled walls or floors. Orego Metal Co. has been in the business of making aluminium metal edge trim for many years. They use their experience to manufacture some of the best metal edge trim available in the market.

When metal edging trims are used alongside tiles, they can add beauty to the tiles. As metal edging trims are available in a variety of finishes and colors, finding a trim to match the tile should never be a problem. Orego Metal Co. along with some other reputed metal work companies bring out new and better varieties of metal edging trims often and this gives designers the option to use these trims innovatively. Orego Metal Co. is the leader in metalwork companies that manufacture aluminium products and the aluminium metal edging trims made by Orego Metal Co. are always in high demand in the market. This is largely due to the quality, finish and precision of the metal edging trims manufactured by the company.

Tile edges have often been responsible for some serious injuries in households. This is largely due to the sharp nature of tile edges that we find in corners of walls. The risk of injury is greater in places where the possibility to slip is greater, such as bathrooms. By using metal edge protector, this risk can be reduced largely. Orego Metal Co. manufactures different types of metal edge protector that can be used with almost all types of tiles available in the market. The years of experience that Orego Metal Co. have managed to amass is used to make metal edge protector that are able to provide protection and add to the beauty of the walls or floor.

Edge molding is available in a variety of materials and finish. Though edge molding is made of numerous materials, the most popular ones are the edge molding made of aluminium. Tiles are used extensively in bathrooms and kitchens where the expose to water is greater. Aluminium is a metal that does not rust and therefore is ideal to be used in such areas. Orego Metal Co., pioneer in manufacturing aluminium products are renowned for manufacturing some of the best edge molding available in the market. The popularity of edge molding products made by Orego Metal Co. is largely due to the quality and finish that can be seen in all products manufactured by Orego Metal Co.



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