Edge Molding

Edge-moldingA Metal Molding is made from certain materials that are thinner than Profiles and comes in special Shapes. In many case, Moldings are also made from Decorative Metal. During the installation of tile in most cases edge molding is used. It helps to hold the tiles of the finished sides properly and you can use molding for the installation of inside corner tiles so that the corner get a smoother transition. Orego Metal Company offers a range of edge molding items that comes in different shape, Style and color. If color and design of the metal edging trim matches with edge molding, your entire project will get a better look.

If you are going to install a concrete counter top, it is followed by concrete edge molding installation. In this case, edge molding is a strip of concrete, which is attached to the front of the counter. After the strip get attached, now it can be filled with concrete and it replaces the existing counter, once the edge sets into the desired shape of the edge. World’s leader Orego Metal Co. offers a wide range for pre shaped edge molding with which you can develop several complicated edges.

A pre-shaped form helps in customizing concrete counters that allow you to make according to your preference starting from a gentle curve to rough rustic-looking edge which can suits to polishing. Because the edges are made using the same concrete, which has used for counter and there is a strong bonding between them, and acts as an extension of the counter material. As a result it last for longer time until the counter last. The superb quality and useful features of the metal edge molding of Orego Metal Co. make it noticeable among the installers, designers, and customers

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