Metal Edge Protector

Metal-edge-protectorA  rubber guard that can mechanically grips the metal is used as metal edge protector  and provide protection to your tiled floor against damage caused by chipping or cracking. It is recommended to use a metal edge protector of Orego Metal co. especially in those areas that are exposed as most usable area of the room so that it can prevent any kind of inadvertent damage to edges of your tiled floor. Metal Edge Protectors helps to cushion your product and straps are allowed to apply tightly without causing damage on the installed tiles. If rubber is used as a metal edge protector it will be cost effective.

Tiles are made of ceramic and brittle by nature. Therefore, if it is not used with care it will easily break, and it is edges that are most exposed to abuse. When this is chipped, cracked area remain exposed for long period, and it will cause underlayment to the tiles that are forced to compromise by seepage of water and eventually all the tiles get damage and entire area need costly replacement work.

Orego metal co. has introduced a proven solution to protect the damage of the edges of the tiles in order to avoid costly replacement work. The tile replacement work is not only costly but also a time consuming, as the treatment in the particular area is not possible. You need alteration work for the entire affected area. Therefore, it is the best way to protect your tile edge by using a non-expensive edge protector and it will not matter where the tiles are installed. It will seal the edges of the tiles positively from damage. Orego Metal Co. has introduced metal edge protectors that are found in different color, style and shape so as to fit the edges appropriately and matching with the surrounding area that will integrate some extraordinary look to your interior.

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